Tanning & Beauty Institute

In our Parisian tan Tanning & Beauty Institute “Concept Soleil” you have an access to the latest, innovative and highest quality equipment from the sun tanning beds, vertical tanning beds to spray tanning booth.

We also offer you Endermologie treatment with LPG Systems Cellu M6 Keymodule and many other services which you can discover at 45 rue de Provence, 9th Paris district, just 60 meters from Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann.

Our highly qualified team will give you all the necessary advises to make every moment of you visit as pleasurable and relaxing as possible!


Our institute is open 7/7:

Monday, Tuesday and Saturday from 8:30am to 8:30pm

Wednesday, Thursday to Friday from 8:30am to 10pm

Sundays and bank holidays from 12am to 8pm


We will help you to choose the most suitable category of the solarium based on your skin type as well as your needs and wishes.

You can come whenever you like without any prior reservation.
To ensure the best quality tanning, we selected avant-garde and ergonomic machines Megasun that ensure best tan possible while taking good care of your skin.

spray tanning booth

Upset will a long and rainy winter? Would like to have a beautiful, glowing skin quickly? Our tan shower is your solution! It lets you tan very quickly and without any UV radiation! Available for everyone, the tan shower in a 100% natural solution based on DHA that gives you a natural glow in 6 seconds only.

How does it work?

Position yourself in front of the shower column that will spray the tan product on your body uniformly. Just count 3 seconds and turn around to tan another side during 3 more seconds. A special ventilator inside the tan shower will dry the sprayed product on your skin within 30 seconds. That’s all!

After the spray tan, you should wash your hands and do not have a shower or go for sports for the next 6 hours. Your glow will progressively become stronger within the next 24 hours and will last for 5 to 7 days. Next morning you can have a normal water shower.

If you have ever watched the TV series “Friends” – do not worry, you will not end up like Ross… The tan shower ensures that you will not be too tanned on one side and white on the other side!

Seriously, you should try it! You will be amazed: you will not look artificial or orange but just healthy and glowing so no even need for a makeup!

Douche autobronzante Paris

A few advises:

  • It is recommended to make a full skin scrub before taking the tanning.
  • Do not perfume your skin 2 hours before the tan shower to avoid brown marks on your skin.
  • It’s better not to come with white or tight underwear to avoid stains (though washable).
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